“We have used Barrett Services personally and recommended him to several individuals with outstanding results. Each person has called with similar comments – “What a nice, honest company and I spent far less than I thought.” Barrett Services is very sensitive to seniors needs as well and goes way beyond what he is expected to do. The added bonus is he is honest and organized which is rare in the service business. We are happy to continue to recommend Josh because we continue to use him with confidence.”

Andy and Erin R., Rancho Murieta

“If you are looking for someone reliable, trustworthy and responsible, we highly recommend Josh Barrett. He replaced our heating and air unit and water heater, helping us with all the rebate paperwork, in a very timely manner. His prices were extremely competitive. He was always easy to reach and returned phone calls quickly. We appreciated the fact that we could leave him in my home when I had to go out and trust that he would lock up. He is the only person we have every had that worked our home that took care to clean up after himself and was very considerate of our belongings. If things had to be moved he put them back in order. He has grown up in this community and is familiar with our homes. It is nice to have someone you know will continue to be here for you.”

Mark and Robin C., Folsom

“All my life I respected honest, dependable, reliable and fair contractors. Josh Barrett is one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to work with. “

Dave N., Roseville

“I am writing to you to give my recommendation for Josh Barrett of Barrett Services. Josh came to our home this summer to do a much needed service on our air conditioning units. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He completely cleaned and did a thorough check of our units. And, I can tell you that this summer we saved $100 a month on our electricity bill after Josh’s service call. When we are in need of new heating and air conditioning units, we will be calling Barrett Services.”

Linda C., Rancho Murieta, CA

“Our neighborhood is very big on recommendations to each other for various things we all need done with our homes. One of our neighbors HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Josh for our needs. We couldn’t have been happier. Josh is very well-spoken and extremely knowledgeable! We couldn’t recommend anyone more than we do Josh Barrett. He is an honest, true to his word man. If you need work/help in almost any area of your home, don’t hesitate to call Josh. We know you will be as happy and satisfied as our neighbors and we always are.”

JC B., Folsom

“I had originally called another company but wanted a second opinion. When I called josh, he came over the next day, was friendly and considerate and was able to explain everything to me in a way I could understand it. I would recommend Barrett Services to anyone.”

Vanessa V., Sacramento

“It is indeed my pleasure to write in behalf of Josh Barrett Services. I first met Josh last spring when I had a problem with an attic air vent which was allowing rain to leak into the house. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to diagnose and solve the problem by installing a simple slanted vent cover. I had called two regular contractors who both told me they would have to wait until it rained again, and then they could not guarantee the job. Not only did Josh fix the problem, but the solution has even lasted during heavy storms.

In the summer, I had a real disaster. Sacramento had a blistering heat wave, and my poor old air conditioner lost the battle. As a teacher, my income is reduced in the summer; moreover, I had just found out my grandson needed $13,000 worth of dental care right away. In desperation, I called Josh. He came right over that same afternoon and investigated until he found the root of the trouble. The motor and the motherboard had both been fried. Any other air conditioning company would have jumped at the chance to sell me a whole new $10,000 system. Not Josh. He spent extra time and effort to find and install both the motor and the motherboard. To our great delight, the air conditioner kicked right in and stayed working all summer, even when it was 113 degrees outside.

In today’s economy, most of us are struggling to pay our bills, buy groceries, and put gasoline in the car. As a single grandma in her late sixties, I am so grateful for Josh Barrett. He is an honest, hardworking, man of integrity. These qualities are very difficult to find today. With deep appreciation, I heartily endorse Josh Barrett Services.”

Carole B., Rocklin

“I just had my HVAC system replaced by Josh Barrett of Barrett Home Services and I am very pleased with the entire experience.

I did the right thing and contacted three companies for bids. Josh came by and looked over the old system and spent an hour teaching me the basics of how to choose a system. This set me up so that I could understand the reps from the two other companies. Even though Barrett Home Services was the low bid by $450, when I called one of the other company’s rep, he said he would change his bid to $50 less than Barrett’s bid. All things being equal, I realized that I chose Barrett because I wanted to deal with a small company and one person. The other companies were larger and the guy who was bidding the job was not the guy who would install the system and would not be the guy who would service the system. Josh Barrett was the guy bidding the job, installing the unit and will be the guy who will come by to service it.

I found his company at RanchoMurieta.com in the business directory. I hope that the other companies listed will be as great as Barrett Home Services.”

Monica R., Rancho Murieta

“I just wanted to let all my neighbors know about Barrett Services. I needed my HVAC serviced and found Josh Barrett of Barrett Services on RM.com. I went to his website and clicked to schedule service to get more info. He was quick to respond to my email with a phone call the same day and was out the next day. He went through our whole system and provided helpful advice to help me save $$ every month on my utilities bill and to help maintain my HVAC to prolong its life. He was an absolute professional, honest and extremely knowledgeable. I’ll call him the next time I need his services.”

Logan and Lissa S., Rancho Murieta

“Josh is very professional, knowledgeable and honest! I will always call him first when I need HVAC work!”

Ellie H., Rancho Murieta

“We use Barrett Services. I can’t say enough about how great Josh Barrett is. Very reliable and trustworthy.
I would give him a call.”

Lisa R., Rancho Murieta

“Just had Josh service our electric heat pump units. Josh is very thorough, honest and knowledgeable.
He charges a fair price and will not inflate the bill as so many other contractors do. Support the small
independent business man.”

Mike S., Rancho Murieta